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To God be the Glory for the great things he has done. we appreciate the ancient of day's for the grace to attain five years despite all odds. what we are celebrating today is God's Faithfullness and mercies. No doubt the stake were so high, the road rough and challenging. However, to man according to scripture, it may be impossible but to God all things are possible.

precisely on the 17th of September, 2012, five years down the lane, a dream conjectured was given birth to with the mandate to serve God and humanity. Braingate, a name released by divine order, did not just start like the scientific big bang but sired in the similitude of a child with a divine assignment. little wonder, when in the 17th day of September 2012, the dream came to light, it came as a revolution in education and knowledge delivered in Arepo , Ijoko, Sango and the environs.

As a proof of God's approval and support for the divine assignment, Braingate flagged off the glorious journey wot not less tan fifty students/pupils after a successful , web;l; articulated free lesson-one of its kind in the whole of this environment. To God be the Glory.

From day one, up till now, the tempo and steam with which heaven has backed us up have not waned. The march has been steady even with numerous challenges, barricades and mountains, not to mention the pressure aimed ay derailing our focus on the mark of excellence for which we were established.

The Journey would have been tougher but for the Lord who keeps equipping us with wisdom, knowledge and understanding - the motto - that has helped us to navigate successful in the three domain of learning-cognitive, affective and pyschomotor.

As a result of out iron determination to follow to the letters the core values of the school at inception, Braingate was flooded with so many wonderful children with one challenge in learning or the other. As a matter of fact, parents who have tested our high standard would boldly assure potential parent to give us just two weeks for a transformation. To the Glory of God, the Lord has turned our teachers' hands to maids touch that keeps producing amazing result till today. The testimonies  are all over the place.